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High Speed Hydraulic Motor BM7 series

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  • Advanced rotor-stator parameter design, low starting pressure, high efficiency and good retention.
  • High working pressure, high output torque.Conical roller bearing structure is adopted, which has strong bearing capacity of shaft and radial load.
  • Advanced plane flow distribution structure, make the motor flow distribution accuracy is high, wear after the automatic compensation ability is strong, ensure high volume efficiency, long life of the motor, ensure the motor speed is stable, load speed characteristics are stable.

BM7 技术参数















  1. Rated speed and torque refer to the output value under rated flow and pressure.
  2. Continuous pressure: Max. value of operating motor continuously.
  3. Intermittent pressure: Max. value of operating motor in 6 seconds per minute.
  4. Peak pressure: Max. value of operating motor in 0.6 second per minute.







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