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Hydraulic cylinders for forklifts

Short Description:

Diameter of cylinder tube: 32-500mm

Diameter of rod cylinder: 30-300mm

Working pressure: 5-32 MPa

Stroke: 10-3000mm

Working Temperature: -40°C – 50°C

Product Detail

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Characteristic Features:


l High pressure, high flow, improve work efficiency


l Simple structure, small volume, strong stability, easy to bear pressure


l Fine process, multi – process machining, suitable for different needs


l The cylinder body is made of high-strength alloy steel, the inner surface by rolling processing to achieve good surface finish and hardness, in order to minimize the internal friction, and improve the wear resistance so as to extend the service life of the seals.


l Security/buffer: can install a special safety valve to ensure the safety of piping in case of breakage


l Special forklift valve: the cylinder is equipped with a special flow control valve for safe and correct operation of the forklift truck.

Processing type: Cold Drawn, Honing, Boring and rolling, machining 

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